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INREC provides increased outreach and training opportunities through resources like workshops, field days and informational materials. These efforts are to help ag retailers and crop advisers with advising farmer decisions regarding nutrient reduction technologies and practices.

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Water Quality Underway

Batch + Build Efforts

November 2023 saw an exciting collaboration between the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS), INREC, and Iowa Pork to enhance water quality in priority watersheds. Beginning with the Boone River and North Raccoon River, our partnership is implementing cutting-edge edge-of-field water quality practices.

Leveraging Iowa’s innovative “batch and build” model, we’re installing bioreactors and saturated buffers on multiple farms simultaneously. This approach accelerates water quality progress significantly. In the first year alone, we’re planning to install 65 structures, showcasing Iowa’s dedication to cleaner waterways throughout our state.

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INREC has also provided financial support for the Iowa Seed Association’s partnership with Heartland Co-op for batch and build projects in multiple watersheds across the state. Hundreds of saturated buffers and bioreactors will be constructed in just a few years.

INREC is working with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and batch and build projects across the state to identify obstacles to farmer participation in the projects and ultimately accelerate adoption of these high-performing and long-lasting nutrient reduction practices.

Certified Crop Advisor Education

Sessions at the Agribiz Showcase provide crop advisers with information and training on the latest environmental technologies available to assist their farmer customers.

Iowa CCA Summer Field Day

Annual summer field day offering agronomic and environmental programming to crop advisers.

Take Five Newsletters

AAI’s weekly newsletter provides the latest news to crop advisers, ag retailers, and other agribusinesses including news from INREC. It’s frequently used to promote the INREC survey and other initiatives.

Additional Collaborators

INREC’s Education & Outreach Partners


Hypoxia Task Force: State + Federal Nutrient Strategies

Collaborative efforts across federal, state, and tribal levels to address and reduce hypoxia, or low oxygen levels, in the Gulf of Mexico and other affected water bodies.


Conservation Counts Iowa

An initiative for farmers and to collaborate with others to drive towards improving Iowa’s water quality.


4R Plus Partner

4R Plus provides outreach and education on practices from in-field to edge-of-field that help to increase productivity, improve soil health, and improve water quality.


Iowa Seed Corn Cover Crop Initiative

A focus on outreach & education to farmers, crop advisors and retailers towards enhancing the adoption of cover crops on seed corn production lands.

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Providing Education + Outreach

Here are just a few events that INREC has been a part of providing education and outreach in the past and in the future