The Importance of INREC

Through these efforts, INREC will serve to demonstrate progress, foster innovation of new technologies, and enhance CCA and Ag Retailer roles as “change agents” working with Iowa farmers to achieve environmental goals.

Mission 1

Progress Measurement & Demonstration

  • Collaborate with agronomy retailers, CCAs, and ISU scientists to develop and pioneer a first-of-its-kind progress measurement system using retailer and CCA farm records to track environmental progress being made by Iowa farmers, while maintaining confidentiality and security of individual farmers’ information.

Mission 2

Validation of Environmental Products/Practices/Services

  • Provide means for neutral science collection and evaluation of water quality data on environmental products and practices in an effort to expand science-based options for meeting water quality goals.

Mission 3

Enhance Environmental Impact of Ag Retailers & CCAs

  • Tap into the huge role that retailers and CCAs play in advising Iowa farmers by providing increased outreach and training to help with advising farmer decisions regarding environmental technologies and practices

Indirect Policy

The Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council (INREC) is an Iowa-based non-profit organization with a Board of Directors comprised of Iowa farm and commodity groups and agribusiness and crop production companies that provide a large base of taxpayer support to Iowa, with such taxes being used in part to fund Iowa’s regent’s institutions. INREC supports work to advance research and development of science-based solutions to assist farmers with reducing nutrient transport from agricultural cropland to water resources, which in turn provides a societal benefit to the people of Iowa. As a result of the above it is INREC’s policy to not allow any of the grant funds it provides to Iowa’s regent’s institutions to be used for “indirect” institutional costs otherwise charged by such institutions.